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Elements Culmyca was the biggest event this year in the YMCA University, and its prestigious title of Mr. And Miss Culmyca was the mightiest affair of the event.

More than 200 girls and boys participated in the event and faced multiple challenge rounds of personality test, confidence, communication skills, interviews etc to fight for the ultimate title.

The competition was tough and the most deserving was obliged to win the event and it happened too.

Luvi dhiman of YMCA UST and Vishal Kumar of Manav Rachna I R S Faridabad won the prestigious title of Miss and Mr. Culmyca for the year 2018.

Here is a short and Exclusive Interview with them.

PicsArt 04 17 12.10.28 89x300 - Exclusive Interview- Lavi Dhiman (Miss Culmyca) &Vishal Kumar (Mr. Culmyca)


Editor: How do you feel after winning the title?

Lavi:I am soo happy and can’t express my feelings with words,I knew I would do better but never though to reach this level and ultimately lift up the crown.

Editor: How did you prepared for the event?

Lavi:I never prepared for anything,I am just natural and don’t show up any synthetic side of myself,I express myself whatever my heart says and this is my only preparation to be normal and relaxed.

Editor: Whom do you want to give credits for this?

Lavi:I am very thankful and inspired by my Mom and Dad who always support me and motivate to do whatever I felt right in my life. So all in all this one is dedicated to my mom and dad and also to my friends.

FB IMG 15238996986107212 1 296x300 - Exclusive Interview- Lavi Dhiman (Miss Culmyca) &Vishal Kumar (Mr. Culmyca)



Editor: How it feels like to win this event?

Vishal: I never won anything big like this, so it is totally a different kind of experience for me and so also winning some other College.

Editor: Do you have any inspiration who you follow?

Vishal: Yes, my inspiration is myself only, I always see myself a great man and get inspired myslef only. A man should always believe in himself.



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