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In the annual cultural fest “Elements Culmyca 2018” of YMCA UST, the biggest showstoppers came out from “Nataraja” the Dance Club of the YMCA University.

IMG 20180415 WA0037 300x191 - This is how "NATARAJA" burnt the dance floor in Elements Culmyca this year
Student of Nataraja at a performance

Both of their competitive as well as performing events managed to grab a huge audience from more than 25 educational institution of Delhi-NCR and Haryana

Here is the list of events with every detail

The beauty of solo dance is the opportunity to highlight your greatest strengths as a dancer,to reveal a character’s story which people only dared to imagine,to be the story teller where the audience
watches your body tell a story.

111 300x200 - This is how "NATARAJA" burnt the dance floor in Elements Culmyca this year

FOOTLOOSE , an event organised by NATARAJA-The dance society of YMCAUST in the auditorium on April 14, 2018 invited students to come showcase their talent as the audience watches in awe how they turn imagination into reality.
It was a impromptu dance competition and winners of the events were :

First position was bagged by Abhishek ( govt college, hisar)and

second position was bagged by shailesh( SD college ).

The event was coordinated by the joint secretaries of NATARAJA- Asha, anmol, kapil and bhawna.
Students from many colleges participated in the event with great enthusiasm and passion.

WhatsApp Image 2018 04 15 at 22.04.30 300x191 - This is how "NATARAJA" burnt the dance floor in Elements Culmyca this year


Faceoff event organized by Nataraja -the dance society on 14th of April where there was a dance impromptu on twisted and surprising music tracks. You have to be instantaneous to get to the glory.

Each participant will be given an initial time limit of 25-30 seconds to show their best dance skills on stage to pump up the fellow participants.

The song continues as next participant performs while the first participant is in freeze position for the next 25-30 seconds and the sequence continues if more than 2 participants are present on stage to battle out each other.

There were many entries from different colleges and the competition was quite tough.
Winner of this event was Shailesh of SD College

11 300x200 - This is how "NATARAJA" burnt the dance floor in Elements Culmyca this year

Dance your heart out-

Dance your heart out is the Solo and duo dance competition of ELEMENTS CULMYCA’18.

Keeping the fest thrill alive on the 3rd day of culmyca, this event witnessed many enthusiastic dancers from various colleges taking part. The encouraging audience added spirit to the event. Each participant showcased his talent in a unique manner trying to win the hearts of the judges.
There was a tough competition among students from different colleges.
The event concluded with the anouncement of the winners and prize distribution.
Winners of the event were:

First position- Vivek kumar ( aravali college)
Second position- Shubham ( JIMS )
Third position- Rishabh ( Lingayas college)
In duo dance competition, manav and nikhil of DAV COLLEGE got first position.

Rakzz is an event which was held on the first day i.e. 12th April,18 of the cultural fest,Elements Culmyca of YMCAUST. It is a western group dance performance. Young youth dancing so energetically definitely steal the show.


Credits of successful events

Joint secretaries:Asha Singh,Anmol Prashar, Bhawna, Kapil



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