13 April 2018, www.newsymca.com News YMCA Faridabad

One of the event which was the main attraction of Annual Cultural festival of YMCA University of Science and Technology Faridabad was the yoga dance performed by yoga club “Niramayam”

FB IMG 15237771632988216 300x158 - Yoga dance by Niramayam Club inspired all to practice yoga and exercises
Students of Niramayam doing complex yogic postures with ease.

Here is the message conveyed by them to society-


With the motto of ” Sarve bhavantu sukhinah sarve santu NIRAMAYAM” a new club of Yoga was established in YMCA University. Prior establishment the members of the club have successfully won Gold medals in Inter College Yoga Tournament organised in YMCA UNIVERSITY Faridabad. They were also first students to represent university at All India Universities Inter University Yoga Tournament organised in KIIT Bhuwneshwar. Since it’s establishment the club has performed in various cultural events including anual sports meet. Their performance at Elements Culmyca the annual fest of YMCAUST attracted the attention of all and recieved standing ovation from each and every person present in auditorium. They performed even the most complex asans like Poorna shalabh, Vrishchikasan, Poorna Dhanurasan, Dimbasan and many others with ease… The preformers include :

Amit singh (secretary) m.tech power system Ist year

Neeraj (secretary) msc.physics Ist year

Suraj tiwari(J.sec) IT b.tech Ist year

Anshika chaudhary (j.sec) b.tech IT Ist year

Shubhangini ruhela(j.sec) mba Ist year

Ashish b tech EIC 2nd year

Abhishek bhardwaj m.sc physics Ist year

Sumit btech CE Ist year

Shipra tiwari Mtech power system Ist year

Latika btech IT Ist year

Sarika btech IT Ist year

Dimple m.sc EVS Ist year

Renu Mtech ECE Ist year


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